propeller blade

propeller blade
лопать повітряного гвинта

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  • propeller blade stations — The designation of location of various points on a propeller blade. It is normally numbered from 1 onward or as the number of inches from the root of the blade toward its tip. Propeller blade stations …   Aviation dictionary

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  • propeller blade angle — Except when feathered, when the angle is approximately 90°, the acute angle between the chord of a propeller and the plane of the rotation. Also called pitch. See blade angle. See also propeller synchrophasing …   Aviation dictionary

  • propeller blade pitch — The distance a propeller will advance if there is no slip. See blade pitch angle …   Aviation dictionary

  • propeller blade–width ratio — The ratio of the widest chord to the diameter of the propeller …   Aviation dictionary

  • propeller blade —   Epaepa huila …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • composite propeller blade — A propeller blade made up of a number of materials such as wood, glass, graphite, fibers, foam, and metal …   Aviation dictionary

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  • blade angle — i. The angle the face of the propeller blade makes at any particular place with its plane of rotation. It is also the angle subtended by the chord of the propeller blade with the horizontal plane when the propeller is laid flat on its boss on… …   Aviation dictionary

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